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Caframo Ecofan

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From: chrisgagne
Date: Apr 22nd 2007, 22:46 EST
Subject: Caframo Ecofan

There's a company in Canada called Caframo that produces a device called an "Ecofan."

It is a fan that sits on top of a gas or wood stove, designed to transfer some of the heat from the stove and warm the room more effectively. A plate makes contact with the hot surface of the stove (150-300 degrees celsius), heating one side of a Peltier junction. On the other side of the Peltier junction is a large heatsink assembly and a cleverly placed fan.

The fan blows over the fins in the upper heatsink, keeping it cool and blowing warm air into the room. All in all, it's a brilliant design - see their website at http://www.caframo.com/ecofans.htm and you'll see what i mean.

Here's another thought: what would be easier and more efficient - creating an unusual LED device to provide lighting, or retrofitting thick borosilicate glass to a stove to allow light to escape but not heat?

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