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Re: Peltier Devices

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From: chrisgagne
Date: Jun 13th 2007, 05:10 EST
Subject: Re: Peltier Devices

I came across something today that looked interesting:


See the bit at the bottom:


The Heat Wave Wood Stove Fan.
by Thermal Engine Corporation

When you want to move the hot air from the wood stove around the house, what better way than to use a Stirling Engine powered by the heat from the stove?

This little engine really moves, and moves 300 cubic feet of air per minute. It is quite robust, made of heavy gauge welded steel, aluminum and brass, and stands up to abuse, although it doesn't get much abuse sitting on top of the wood stove. We have played with it on a gas range that gets much hotter than the wood stove, and besides the steel getting a nice blue color, no damage was incurred.

We don't let our wood stove get above about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, for safety reasons, but this little gadget can easily take twice that. And since it moves the air around near the stove, it helps to keep the stove cooler and the room warmer at the same time.

It works well, does a useful job, and is a great conversation piece. And it uses no energy except the heat from the wood stove.

You can buy Peltier-junction thermoelectric generators with a motor and fan that are made for the same purpose (moving the hot air from the stove into the room), but ours lasted only about a year before the Peltier junction became intermittent, and the fan stopped working. The Stirling engine in the Heat Wave has had no such problems -- it is built like a tank.



I wonder if we could use a stirling engine to produce electricity?

On May 11th 2007, 18:52 EST, eecue wrote:
> It seems to me that peltier devices are very inefficient, maybe some type
> of miniature turbine device that would sit directly in the fire and create
> the power to run the luxeons would be more efficient... i have no idea how
> expensive that would be to create.

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