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Re: Peltier Devices

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From: chrisgagne
Date: Jun 13th 2007, 08:06 EST
Subject: Re: Peltier Devices

On that same topic, here's a link to a YouTube video of one such device, apparently as a part of a college project:


This unit looks very well built (all sorts of complex components not easily produced with hand tools). Even with some good science and manufacture, it looks like it puts out a maximum of 130 mW. That's not exactly going to cut it. :)

Back to the drawing board.

On Jun 12th 2007, 22:10 EST, chrisgagne wrote:
> I came across something today that looked interesting:
> http://sci-toys.com/my_toys/stirling_engine.html
> See the bit at
> the bottom:
> ------
> The Heat Wave Wood Stove Fan.
> > by Thermal Engine Corporation
> When you want to move the
> hot air from the wood stove around the house, what better way than to use a
> Stirling Engine powered by the heat from the stove?
> >
> This little engine really moves, and moves 300 cubic feet of air
> per minute. It is quite robust, made of heavy gauge welded steel, aluminum
> and brass, and stands up to abuse, although it doesn't get much abuse
> sitting on top of the wood stove. We have played with it on a gas range that
> gets much hotter than the wood stove, and besides the steel getting a nice
> blue color, no damage was incurred.
> We don't let our wood
> stove get above about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, for safety reasons, but this
> little gadget can easily take twice that. And since it moves the air around
> near the stove, it helps to keep the stove cooler and the room warmer at the
> same time.
> It works well, does a useful job, and is a great
> conversation piece. And it uses no energy except the heat from the wood
> stove.
> You can buy Peltier-junction thermoelectric generators
> with a motor and fan that are made for the same purpose (moving the hot air
> from the stove into the room), but ours lasted only about a year before the
> Peltier junction became intermittent, and the fan stopped working. The
> Stirling engine in the Heat Wave has had no such problems -- it is built
> like a tank.
> $175.90
> ------
> I wonder
> if we could use a stirling engine to produce electricity?
> On
> May 11th 2007, 18:52 EST, eecue wrote:

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